What you can do?

Simply put in one sentence - Make your logo files immortal!

How would it be if you didn't have to worry about keeping your logo files safe?
If you didn't have to run around your designer for file conversions...
If you didn't have to personally go hand over the logo files...

Logo Planet lets you do all this!!!

Logo Planet - the art of Logo Immortality
Of course you can do much more than making them immortal. Stash away as many logo files as you want at Logo Planet.

Share easily
If you're a company, it doesn't matter big or small, you end up using your logo quite often. Promotional activities- including banners, brochures, emailers etc OR even simple office stationery- all require your logo. With Logo Planet, you can now share the file in a link rather than running around with a virus-loaded thumbdrive. Be it your designer or your printer, you just have to logon to Logo Planet and send them the download link. As simple as that!

Different people work on different file formats - your printer needs CDR, your designer needs AI, someone else needs PDF. Not to worry! Upload File of any resolution and Request for Conversion to other file formats. You have the option of choosing from 15 formats to convert into.

Logo Planet converts and saves it forever.

Choose Free OR Pro
No conversion of logos, limited download/sharing, single logo file storage forever in free version.

No. of Logos you can store
Send Links
Free Conversion
1 logo to 12 formats
Additional Conversion
Rs. 2000.00
Rs. 1500.00 per logo
Free Support
1 year

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