Terms & Conditions

  1. LP is not responsible for the legal rights or copy rights of the logos stored on its server.
  2. The site users are responsible for the logos uploaded/owned/shared by them.
  3. Users will be responsible for the sharing/downloading of logo files. While entering the recipient ids for sharing the logo, users must make sure that they are the intended recipients.
  4. LP will not share any stored file with anyone/any user
  5. LP does not/cannot verify the ownership of any logo file uploaded by the user on the website.
  6. LP is not responsible for your account and related files if account renewal is not done before expiry.
  7. After the expiry of the account, the account/access will be deactivated.
  8. If the user wants to completely remove the account and files stored, they must send a special request. On receiving this, LP will delete the files connected to the account.

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